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Start your team’s workflow by composing forms, calculation and report

Minimizing repetitive works and 3000+ spreadsheet variations across project with Calculation Modelling software.Build forms, calculations, and manage approvals in single window.


Calculate with predefined, guided, and type-safe form

Working with spreadsheets requires your team to understand how the creator of the spreadsheet creates them, what to fill, and what not to edit. With Rekava, your form is standardized, consistent and guides your team to work on it.


Enable collaboration among your team members and executives

We understand in larger organizations, a maker-checker is an essential workflow. Your organization can set up approval flow and print reports to enable collaborations via cloud.

What can Rekava do for you?

Rekava enables you to plan, log-calculate and analyze and your construction and building specifications in a single workspace. Transform the way your engineers collaborate.

Save Time
Save Time
With just a single setup, your team can fill their form and collaborate easier. Minimize new recruit onboarding time, get realtime approval process, save papers, and eliminate the hassle of paper-based approvals.
Standardized Report
Standardized Report
We understand that managing thousands of spreadsheets across multiple projects is a huge chore. Especially when people can modify the documents. Using Rekava enables your team to work on a single form standard.
Single Source of Truth
Single Source of Truth
Working on a single window does not only makes it easier to collaborate. Your work is always organized within the system, and your data is ready to be used for analytics and other data-driven decisions.

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